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Min. Order:25 kg
Keywords:Flake caustic soda , Granular sodium hydr , Removing oil and alk
Origin:Made In China

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Company NameNanchang Lanxiang Chemical Co.,Ltd
Country/Region:Jiang Xi - China
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Product Description

Supply high purity 98.5-99 flake caustic soda edible flake caustic soda

Product Name: sodium hydroxide



Product specification: 25kg / bag



Product properties: colorless and transparent crystal. There are massive, flaky, rod-shaped or granular. It has strong hygroscopicity and is easy to dissolve in water. When it melts, it releases a lot of heat. The aqueous solution is smooth and alkaline. It absorbs moisture in the exposed air and finally dissolves into viscous liquid. It is also soluble in ethanol, glycerin, acetone and ether. It is very corrosive and can destroy the organic structure. It can corrode carbon steel at high temperature. It can absorb carbon dioxide in the air to produce sodium bicarbonate and sodium carbonate. Neutralize with acids to form salts.



Application: it is the main raw material of soap industry. The oil refining industry is used to remove the acid left in the oil after pickling of various kinds of oil, and improve the odor and color of the oil. In papermaking industry, impurities in wood pulp can be dissolved under high temperature and high pressure to obtain pure fiber for papermaking. Chemical fibers are used in the manufacture of man-made fibers. Textile industry is used to treat gauze, mercerized cloth, printing and dyeing industry is used as reducing agent, metallurgical industry is used to extract pure aluminum and treat the surface of metal products. The oil industry is used for the refining of animal and vegetable oil, as well as electroplating, leather making, pharmaceutical, battery, organic synthesis and other industries.

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